Hey there!
We are the best team of dinosaur tamers ever. We can make any (even the T. Rex) of the existing dinosaurs (please, believe us that they still do exist) perform various tasks and evolve as per our liking. Have any doubts about what we just said? It’s all because you haven’t played ARK: Survival Evolved with us. 
We have a lot of fun staying on an island inhabited with dangerous and aggressive dinosaurs. We craft, build, hunt, and search for different means to survive here. What more to wish from being lost in the wilds of nature in such a good company? Nothing!
Though, wait! There’s something better: you can interact with dinosaurs to have even more fun. You can gather your own army of well-trained dinosaurs. Then just fight with another army in a single or a multiplayer mode.
Fun, exciting, and breathtaking, ARK: Survival Evolved will blow your mind!


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