ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs (Full List) ARK: Survival Evolved full list of Dinosaurs. Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved is a great adventure game, but there’s only one obvious reason that makes us fans: DINOSAURS! Huge and tiny, small-minded and artful, they make an amazingly diverse and entertaining (and, of course, extremely dangerous) population of the lost isle. Some of them can be tamed if you manage to knock them out first, others are merely bloodthirsty carnivorous creatures from your terrible nightmares. We made a list of every dinosaur that’s currently in the game, including the basic version of ARK: Survival Evolved and its Explorer’s Edition. By learning all the types of dinosaurs and their special powers, you will make your dinosaur action more mindful and become a survival expert. ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs: Allosaurus  Ankylosaurus  Apatosaurus  Baryonyx  Brontosaurus  Camarasaurus  Carnotaurus  Compsognathus  Dilophosaurus  Diplodocus Dreadnoughtus Gallimimus Giganotosaurus Iguanodon Kentrosaurus Megalosaurus Microraptor Morellatops Nanotyrannus  Oviraptor Pachycephalosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus Parasaurolophus Pegomastax Raptor Spinosaurus  Stegosaurus  Struthiomimus Styracosaurus Tarchia Therizinosaurus Titanosaurus Triceratops Troodon Tyrannosaurus Rex  Velociraptor Yutyrannus ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs pictures:  Continue Reading How to Get ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox One ARK: Survival Evolved is pure joy for the fans of action survival games. Besides the essential elements of battle royale genre, it opens up a complex prehistoric ecosystem with violent creatures roaming around and the danger of natural hazards always around the corner. You will surely want to play it on a full screen to let your eye catch all the details of giant dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals or weird aquatic beasts before you get violently killed again and…again. That’s why playing ARK: Survival Evolved on an Xbox One is some kind of an unwritten rule among the gamers. The game is available for all platforms, but it seems to launch better on some of them. Although it was released for Xbox One alongside other platforms in a couple of days after a Steam pre-release in summer 2017, even today many users complain about its unstable launching process. Let’s figure this problem out! ARK: Survival Evolved System Requirements And Installation Guide for Xbox One To play ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox One you will need to buy a disk with the game or to have a stable Internet connection to buy it online from Microsoft store. To play online, you must have Xbox Live Membership and about 35 GB of free storage space for it to work correctly. For a meticulously crafted prehistoric world with lots of maps and more than 70 player servers 35 GB is not that much, right? To install the game, log in to your Xbox account and enter ‘My Games And Apps’ icon on your home screen. You will find ARK: Survival Evolved in either ‘Ready to Install’ or ‘Queue’ menu. Then all you need to do is to click on the game icon to start or resume the download. It will require about 14 GB of your disk space, and the download speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection. After the download, you can launch the game right from the installation page by clicking on its icon. If something about ARK: Survival Evolved installation process for Xbox One is still unclear, please watch this comprehensive video instruction. How To Solve ARK: Survival Evolved Installation Errors On Xbox One Unfortunately, Xbox is the crankiest platform when it comes to ARK: Survival Evolved launch. No matter if you have legally downloaded the game or bought it on a licensed disk, there’s always a chance it won’t start properly. Don’t start to panic yet! There’s a way to fix it, even a few ways, to be exact. Try to clear your game history and uninstall the game. To do that you need to press on the ‘X’ button to open an Xbox guide. Go to ‘System’, then ‘Settings’, then ‘System’ again and then ‘Storage’. Select ‘Clear local saved games’: this option won’t affect the games in your Xbox Live cloud, so back up everything you need in there. Select ‘Confirm’. When the local games are cleared, try to install the game again. 2. Install the game offline. Press ‘X’ button to open the Xbox guide. Select ‘System’, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Network’. Go to ‘Network Settings’ and choose ‘Go offline’. Then with the help of the ‘X’ button again reach ‘My games & apps’ menu and select ‘Queue’. Highlight ARK: Survival Evolved, press ‘Menu’ and choose to cancel the download. Eject the disk with the game, press ‘Xbox’ button on the console, select ‘System’ and then ‘Restart’. After your Xbox One restarts, inject the disk and try to install the game in offline mode. Have fun surviving! Continue Reading ARK: Survival Evolved Admin Commands and Cheats Ultimate List of Commands and cheats for ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK: Survival Evolved cheats are known to everyone who played this game long enough to learn how desperately challenging it can get. No matter how good you are at taming prehistoric animals, the looters can sneak in every minute you’re out of the game, and no matter how great you are in economy and building, some dinosaurs are always ready to eat you in one bite. ARK: Survival Evolved has so many admin commands that it could compete with such veterans as Grand Theft Auto and Counter-Strike. We’ve made a list of all admin commands that can be used in the game. It is long, but all of them will work fine for you. Remember that you will need the administration permissions on the servers you’re playing to be able to enter your commands. All the commands have to be entered into a special command bar. ARK: Survival Evolved admin commands PS4 bar activates with the help of combination L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle. To activate ARK: Survival Evolved admin commands for Xbox One bar, use the combination LB + RB + X + Y. We divided all the commands into small groups to facilitate your search. Enjoy!   Admin Basics Enable cheats: enablecheats <passcode> This is a cheat code you need the most because it lets you turn on the cheat mode. Just don’t forget your password! Show FPS: fps Shows FPS to any player, no need for a cheat mode to do this. Show unit: unit Shows your unit status, no need for a cheat mode to do this. Show colors: printcolors Shows the colors available for use in changing colors commands, no need for a cheat mode to do this. Get colors: givecolors <amount> Gives you all the colors in the indicated amount, no need for a cheat mode to do this. Set Cheat Player: setcheatplayer true/false Another way to turn the cheats on or off. By setting the ‘false’ player you disable the cheats. Enable admin UI: ShowMyAdminManager The cheat to open up the management panel. Hide or show the admin icon: SetAdminIcon <True/False> Hides the admin icon next to the name in users chat. Spectator permission: requestspectator <passcode> This cheat allows anyone with the password to enter your game as a spectator. Spectator mode: enablespectator Switches you to Spectator mode by destroying your character. Request Spectator: RequestSpectator <Password> By entering the password users enable request for a spectator mode. Cancel spectating: stopspectating No more spectating for you or anyone else. Show all the players: SetShowAllPlayers All the players names are shown in spectator mode. Whitelisting other players: AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <XBox ID> Use your admin force! Removing other players from the white list: DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <XBox ID> Use your admin dark force! Banning other players: admincheat BanPlayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Lets you ban other players, use it wisely. Broadcasting: Broadcast <Enter Message> All the players in the game will read your message. Message of the day: SetMessageOfTheDay <message> Every player will see message of the day when entering the game. Server chat message: ServerChat <Message> Your message gets to all the players currently connected to the game. Private chat message (name): ServerChatToPlayer <PlayerName> Your message gets to the player you choose by name. Private chat message (ID): ServerChatTo <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Your message gets to the player you choose by ID. Full list of players: listofplayers Shows the full list of players on the server with their Steam or PS or Xbox IDs. Save the world: saveworld Saves the current state of the world. Quit the world: quit Exits the world, it’s recommended to save it beforehand. Kick the players out: kickplayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Kicks the chosen player from the server. Ban the players: banplayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Bans the chosen player from the server. Unban the players: unbanplayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Unbans the chosen player from the server. Set the time of day: settimeofday <timestring> Change the time of day the way you want it. Set the positions of other players: setplayerpos 0 0 0 Lets you move the character to the coordinates you enter. Open the map of your choice: OpenMap <MapName> Loads the map by the name indicated. Get all the states of certain objects on the map: GetAllState <Type> Puts all the entities of a certain type in one log and lets you monitor the state of the game. For example: have the Camarasaurus spawned yet? Rename Players: RenamePlayer <PlayerID> or <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> <NewName> If you want to have a little bit more fun. Superpowers God Mode: god In the God mode you cannot die in any way except by drowning. Flying: fly Enables flying. Walking: walk Used when you’re tired of flying. Teleport: teleport You’re moved into the direction you’re facing until bumping into an object or structure. Teleport a friend: teleportplayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> tome Another player is moved to you. Teleport to a friend: teleporttoplayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> You’re moved to the player you have ID’d. Turn on slo-mo: slomo 5 Turns on slow motion mode, you can change the number to 1 to return to normal speed. Players only mode: playersonly Nothing in the game is effective except for the players. Ghost mode: ghost In this mode you can go through hard structures. Experience boost: addexperience <How much to add> <From tribe share> With the help of it you can level up your player, tribe or tamed animal. Experience boost for other players: giveexptoplayer <PlayerID><how much> <tribeshared> <preventsharing> Works just as well for others. 1000 experience boost: addexperience <how much> 0 0/1 Gives you xp of any value you name, changing last 0 to 1 lets you share it with your tribe. Infinite supply for keeping your character alive and healthy: infinitestats Your character gets an infinite supply of water, food, stamina and unlimited carrying capacity. Entering this command for the second time will disable the supply. Change size: changesize <size multiplier value> Your character will change in size how you want them. Bugs in graphics may occur! To return back to normal set multiplier value to 1. Invisibility: enemyinvisible true/false Makes you unnoticeable for all the enemy tribesmen and creatures. Summonning: summon <classname> You can summon animals, objects and even structures. The latter will be rotated in your direction. Ultimate boost: GMBuff With this cheat you get god, infinite stats, invisibility and some experience. Animals Taming: forcetame Lets you tame a dinosaur or any other animal you face and ride it without a saddle. SDF: SDF <Dragon_Character_BP_C> <Tamed> The dinosaur or any other creature of your choice will acquire a random level. In the <Tamed> bar enter 0 for a wild dinosaur and 1 for the tamed one. Destroy wild dinos: destroywilddinos All the untamed dinosaurs will be destroyed from the map. Change dinosaur colors: SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID> Changes dinosaur colors for your region. You can find colors IDs in Printcolors command. Spawn dino: SpawnDino <blueprintPath> <spawnDistance> <spawn-Y-offset> <Z-offset> <DinoLevel> Lets you spawn the dinosaur of your choice at specified coordinates with a level indicated. To do this find Dino Blueprint list. Spawn and tame any creature: GMSummon <Type> <Level> Lets you spawn the creature to the place you’re in and tame it. You don’t get a taming bonus for this. Set the age of your dinosaur: SetBabyAge <AgeValue> Sets the age of your baby dino. Tribes Make others join your tribe: forceplayertojointargettribe <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Other players are forced to join your tribe. Make other players join the tribes you want: forceplayertojointribe <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> <tribeid> For this cheat you have to know the tribe ID as well. Tribe admin: maketribeadmin Even if it wasn’t your tribe from the start, you can become its admin. Entering the tribe is required. Tribe founder: maketribefounder Even if you haven’t found the tribe you belong to, it will make you its founder. Remove tribe admin: emovetribeadmin Admin of your tribe will become only a member of it instead. Rename tribe: RenameTribe <TribeName> <NewName> The name of your tribe or any other one will be changed the way you want. Destroying tribe dinosaurs: admincheat DestroyTribeDinos All the dinos of a tribe or a tribe member you face will be destroyed. Destroying tribe members: admincheat destroytribeplayers All the members of a tribe or a tribe member you face will be destroyed. Destroying tribe structures: admincheat DestroyTribeStructures All the structures of a tribe or a tribe member you face will be destroyed. Creating a new tribe of two members: ForceTribe <PlayerName1> <PlayerName2> <NewTribeName> You enter the names of desired members for a new tribe and create a name for it. Power and Resources Getting resources for everyone: giveresources Every player in the game gets 50 units of each resource. Getting engrams: giveengrams You get access to all crafting technologies at once. Clear the inventory: ClearPlayerInventory <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID>  <ClearInventory> <ClearSlotItems> <ClearEquippedItems> You can choose just one or two of the tags if you don’t need to clear all the slots. Clear someone else’s inventory: ClearPlayerInventory <PlayerID> <bClearInventory> <bClearSlotItems> <bClearEquippedItems> You can choose just one or two of the tags if you don’t need to clear all the inventory of the user you’ve chosen. Get the animals and structures: givetome Gets you the dino or the structure you’re currently looking at. Get the items: giveitemnum <ItemID> <QTY> <Quality> <True/False> For this option you will need a special item ID list. It can be found in your admin manager. Get the items for other players: giveitemnumtoplayer <PlayerID> <ItemID> <QTY> <Quality> <True/False> Lets you give an item of your choice to the other player. Get all the structures: GiveAllStructure Lets you have all structures connected to the current chain. Debug the structures: DebugStructures Structures information is displayed on them when you look at them. Destroy the structures: DestroyStructures Destroys all the structures on the map. Fighting and Health Destroying all enemies: destroyallenemies Destroys all other players and animals that could harm you. Tamed animals will also be destroyed. Health damage: hurtme <amount> Deals the indicated amount of damage to your character. Toggle the guns: togglegun You can switch the visibility of your equipped weapon or any other tool. Sleep: execsetsleeping true/false Enter the code to put your character to sleep or to wake them up. Kill the player: killplayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID> Kills the player you choose. Change the body scale: SetTargetPlayerBodyVal int (0-30), float (0-1) Changes the body scale for the region you’re in. Change the body color: SetTargetPlayerColorVal int (0-2), float (0-1) Changes the body color for the region you’re in. Destroy animals and objects: destroymytarget Destroys animals or objects you’re looking at. Set facial hair: SetFacialHairPercent <Length> Changes facial hair length in the range from 0 to 1. Full List of Commands and cheats for ARK: Survival Evolved. If you have something to add - write us! Continue Reading Structures Plus & Kibble Rework Beta This Week! The new year 2019 began with big changes and good news! The long-awaited public beta, including S + and Kibble changes, will be available by the end of this week for players. Follow the news on the game's page on Steam in order to get this build as soon as possible!   S+ Features that will be in the beta branch:   - Made structure quick pickup time configurable in ini file (ServerSettings -> StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement, default = 30) - Added new ini config option to ignore the duration and always allow quick pickup (ServerSettings -> AlwaysAllowStructurePickup, default = false) - Improved quick pickup HUD text to avoid overlapping other text, and to format durations as timestamps if over 60 seconds to support very long times if configured for that - Enabled structure quick pickup for ALL structures. For structures that previously had pickup disabled, they now auto-disable quick pickup as soon as the player interacts with the structure in any way (unless AlwaysAllowStructurePickup is set to true)   New structures/variants:   - Added 'smooth' sidewall textures variants (like the stone foundation) to the stock square foundations [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Thatch, Wood] - Triangle foundations [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood] - Triangle ceilings [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood, Greenhouse] - Triangle roofs [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood, Greenhouse] - Large (4x height) walls [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood] - Flexible pipe [Stone, Metal] - Flexible electrical cable - Stairs (with freely swappable ramp variant) [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood] - Double door frames [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood] - Double doors [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood] - Dedicated storage (Tek structure that allows storing a large amount of a single resource) - Fence supports (allows you to build fences that are level along the top) [Adobe, Metal, Stone, Tek, Wood]   Kibble changes that will be in the beta branch:   All eggs have been assigned a value based on the size and rarity of the egg. These sizes include: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Special. The eggs are used in a recipe to create kibble of a coinciding value: Basic, Simple, Regular, Superior, Exceptional, and Extraordinary. This new system will make it so that creature kibble desires are based on the quality levels instead of specific creatures, which should greatly decrease the number of tamed creatures needed for the purposes of taming.   Regarding previously crafted kibble:   - Old kibbles will not be wiped, and will inherit their new "value/color" appropriately. - Old kibbles will still work to tame their appropriate creatures. - Old kibble will no longer be craftable, only the new types will be craftable.   We will be taking your feedback into serious consideration regarding both of these changes so we invite you to communicate with us on our social media, the forums, reddit, etc with your opinions and critique. Once we're happy with where these features are at, we will be bringing them over to the PC main game. Continue Reading
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