ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs (Full List)

ARK: Survival Evolved full list of Dinosaurs. Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved is a great adventure game, but there’s only one obvious reason that makes us fans: DINOSAURS! Huge and tiny, small-minded and artful, they make an amazingly diverse and entertaining (and, of course, extremely dangerous) population of the lost isle. Some of them can be tamed if you manage to knock them out first, others are merely bloodthirsty carnivorous creatures from your terrible nightmares.

We made a list of every dinosaur that’s currently in the game, including the basic version of ARK: Survival Evolved and its Explorer’s Edition. By learning all the types of dinosaurs and their special powers, you will make your dinosaur action more mindful and become a survival expert.

ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs:

  1. Allosaurus 
  2. Ankylosaurus 
  3. Apatosaurus 
  4. Baryonyx 
  5. Brontosaurus 
  6. Camarasaurus 
  7. Carnotaurus 
  8. Compsognathus 
  9. Dilophosaurus 
  10. Diplodocus
  11. Dreadnoughtus
  12. Gallimimus
  13. Giganotosaurus
  14. Iguanodon
  15. Kentrosaurus
  16. Megalosaurus
  17. Microraptor
  18. Morellatops
  19. Nanotyrannus 
  20. Oviraptor
  21. Pachycephalosaurus
  22. Pachyrhinosaurus
  23. Parasaurolophus
  24. Pegomastax
  25. Raptor
  26. Spinosaurus 
  27. Stegosaurus 
  28. Struthiomimus
  29. Styracosaurus
  30. Tarchia
  31. Therizinosaurus
  32. Titanosaurus
  33. Triceratops
  34. Troodon
  35. Tyrannosaurus Rex 
  36. Velociraptor
  37. Yutyrannus

ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs pictures: 

ARK survival evolved dinosaurs
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